Terms and Conditions

Terms of use


Acceptance of these terms and conditions of use is a binding factor for the use of the Seaguardian.pro service.

These Terms and Conditions of Use have contractual value between the user, whether natural or legal person, and iConnecty srl, and apply for the use of the Seaguardian.pro service




“Seaguardian.pro Service” or simply “Service”: the monitoring and remote control service provided by iConnecty srl. Depending on the selected tariff plan, the service may include one or more data loggers and / or a SIM card on loan for use.

“iConnecty”: the company iConnecty S.r.l., with registered office in via Cappelle 15, 66010 Pretoro (CH), VAT number IT02672890692

“User”: the natural or legal person who has signed up for the Seaguardian.pro service.

“Datalogger”: the electronic device that collects and sends data to the Seaguardian.pro platform. Based on the tariff plan purchased, the data logger can be provided on loan for free use by iConnecty or owned by the customer.




All information on this site and all portals of the Seaguardian.pro Service are subject to our Privacy Policy, the terms of which are published on this site. Please read our Privacy Policy. iConnecty reserves the right, from time to time, with or without notice, to change its privacy policy in its sole and absolute discretion. The most updated version of the Privacy can be read on “Privacy”, located at the bottom of the Seaguardian.pro website. The most updated version of Privacy replaces all previous versions.


Description of service


The Seaguardian.pro Service provided by iConnecty to Users is a service that allows you to collect data from one or more Dataloggers, historicize them and make them accessible to the User through a web interface. The same Service allows the user to send commands and actions to the Dataloggers directly.

Since the Service is constantly evolving, it is possible at any time to consult the website www.Seaguardian.pro.com for details on features and new features.


Duration of the contract


The Contract comes into force at the end of the purchase procedure, performed by the User by following these steps:

  1. Registration on the portal
  2. Selecting a subscription plan
  3. Disclosure of personal and billing information
  4. Communication of any shipping data of the goods (if the plan provides for the supply of Datalogger on free loan)
  5. Selection of the payment method
  6. Confirmation and acceptance of the contractual terms and conditions
  7. Confirmation of the order by email by iConnecty

iConnecty reserves every right to accept or not accept the purchase request made by the User

The Contract has an indefinite duration and takes effect between the parties from the moment the Service is activated

Both counterparties have the right to withdraw from the contract at any time, subject to written communication in the manner indicated in the paragraph “Contacts and communications”


Right of withdrawal


It is possible to exercise the right of withdrawal pursuant to articles 52, 56, 57 of the Italian Consumer Code, available on the website www.codicedelconsumo.it. The Customer is obliged to give written communication in the manner indicated in the “Contacts and communications” paragraph


Fees and payments


The User agrees to pay iConnecty as indicated in the tariff plan chosen during the purchase procedure. iConnecty reserves the right to apply changes at any time to the tariff plans and billing conditions of the Service, which will be binding on the User and communicated by email. The User will have the right to withdraw from the contract within 30 days from the date of sending the communication.


Service maintenance


iConnecty will have the right at any time to modify, expand, improve, test, maintain or repair systems and to suspend access to all Seaguardian.pro sites for these purposes. iConnecty is committed to keeping this scheduled outage to a minimum and will use commercially reasonable efforts to stop accessing the System to the regularly scheduled maintenance window.


SIM Card


If provided by the purchased subscription plan, the Service will include a SIM card without an assigned telephone number, which will allow data transfers between the Datalogger and the iConnecty servers. The SIM card provided to the Customer remains the property of iConnecty for the duration of the Contract. The Customer must refrain from copying, selling, transferring, renting, destroying or damaging the SIM card for the entire duration of the Contract. Upon expiry of the Contract, the SIM card will be returned to iConnecty.


Failure by the User and Termination


iConnecty will have the right to terminate the Contract in all cases of breach or breach by the User of the obligations assumed with this Agreement.

In any case, with the termination of the User default contract, iConnecty will have the right to withhold the amounts already received for any reason by the User, without prejudice to the right to compensation for any greater damage.

iConnecty will have the right to immediately terminate the Contract in the event of non-payment of the fees due by the User.


Contacts and communications


All communications intended for i-Connecty must be sent by fax or by registered letter with return receipt. at the references indicated below. Communications intended for the User will be sent by iConnecty via email to the address used by the User during registration.


iConnecty S.r.l.

Via Cappelle 15, 66010 Pretoro (CH) – ITALY